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Hi, I am Aliya. The first thing you should know about me is that I love planning: planning my projects, my free time, my family and friends' activities, and more. I just enjoy being organized. It has helped me juggle my schoolwork, co-op, and freelance work. Give me a Fringe Studio planner (it's the best planner brand out there) and fun pens (currently purple), and I am a happy camper. Besides being organized, I'm reliable. In the past four years, I never missed class except for when my apartment got flooded...story for another day. People tell me I am an extrovert (ENFP-T on the Myers-Briggs personality test). I guess that makes sense as I love acting, karaoke, and talking. On top of graphic design, I also enjoy social media management, illustration, and creative problem-solving. I'm up for just about anything.

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